Android Exchange Settings

Setting up the Exchange account
The Email client is located in the Apps section of the launcher:

Launching the email client for the first time will prompt you to enter your email address and password:

The client will attempt to determine the correct settings to use based on the email address entered. If the client cannot determine these settings automatically you will be prompted to specify the type of account you are trying to configure: Select Exchange:

You will be prompted to enter in your Exchange username in the form „UPN = Account Name“.
You will also need to enter the Server Address.
Finally you’ll need to specify whether the connection should use SSL or not – as a rule this will be enabled.
Once all fields have been completed, tap Next. You will be receive notification that by setting up an Exchange email account, you are accepting that the administrator of the Exchange server has the ability to remotely wipe your device should the company deem it necessary to do so:

Tap OK to continue configuring the account. On the next screen you can specify which mailbox folders you wish to synchronize, and how often:

The features that the Exchange ActiveSync policy will be able to enforce on your device will be listed

Tap Activate to acknowledge the new security policy. You will be returned to the email setup wizard and be prompted to enter a name to identify the email account, this can be anything meaningful to you:

Once complete you will be taken to the email inbox.