Outlook Add-in Errors

CRM und / Lync Onlinebesprechung ist nicht mehr möglich, da die Funktion in Outlook nicht mehr zur Verfügung steht.

Grund: das notwendige „Addin“ in Outlook hat sich leider deaktiviert.


Go to File and select Options. Now you will find Add-Ins listed on the left sidebar, select it and you will see the list of all active, inactive, and disabled add-ins. But this is just for viewing the add-ins, not managing them.

If you want to Manage add-ins, i.e, enable/disable them, select the add-ins type from the dropdown list and hit Go.

Now you will see a new dialog Window from where you can disable/enable the add-ins. Simply check an add-in to enable it and uncheck it to disable it.

If you want to install an add-in manually, hit the Add button and select the add-in that you downloaded. Hitting Remove will remove the add-in.